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What others are saying:

"Square Heroes is a perfect party game: simple controls, quick to learn, truly pick-up-and-play"

- James 'DexX' Dominguez for The Sydney Morning Herald

"I like the character customization. Squaracter customization? :-D"

- Jill Murray Twitter

"Square Heroes reminds me of a mash up between Awesomenauts and Worms. This fast paced side scrolling twin stick shooter just grabs your attention."

- Completing the Backlog Steam Curator Steam

Square Heroes is a comical arena shooter featuring Online, LAN, Co-op, local multi-player and an arsenal of weapons to blast your friends out of the sky!

Hone your skills and level-up your character in the single-player Tournament, or skip straight to the main event and challenge your friends in one of the hilarious and frantic online skirmish modes.

All maps support six players including bots as desired. Local multi-player supports up to four human players and online battles allow up to six. What's more, multiple local players can join online matches together, enabling online couch vs couch gaming.


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